Automations problem: lighting loop

I made few automations - joined switches to turn on and of lights from different position in my house.

I have a problem: if I touch the switch accidentally to fast again then I got a circle of turning lights on and off repeatedly - if I touch the switch accidentally again before all switches in the group turn on.

So is it possible to do a delay (like few seconds) or that the second accidental to fast touch to the switch is recognised are accepted by the hub after 2 ore 3 seconds?

If it happens it is really annoying - I have to delete the automation

thanks K

Brand and model of the switches involved?

This is one of those issues where there can be a lot of engineering built into the switch itself to address this problem, but very cheap switches Don’t usually have those features.

Most common is something called “debounce” which is used even for dumb switches so that if someone accidentally taps twice, the light doesn’t turn on and turn off again immediately. but it’s especially an issue for smart switches because of the loops that you are seeing.

Many of the better brands do have debounce logic built in. I know that some of the very inexpensive Tuya devices do not, and these are the ones which have most commonly been reported as having a looping problem.

So first question: Brand and model of the switch? :thinking:


it is zemismart


First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” Zemismart sells a lot of different devices. Which ones specifically? At the very least, are they zwave or Zigbee, because if they are Zigbee, they may well be some of those cheap Tuya switches I mentioned. :thinking:

The following thread discusses the same problem. The solutions given there won’t work specifically for you, because they depend on the old architecture, but the idea is the same: you would have to find someone who has written an edge driver that will debounce the switch. It’s not impossible, but it’s not that easy either, and it’s just an issue with those particular models and the way the manufacturer designed them.


thanks anyway


Some more details would be helpful. How did you “join” switches?

Like this k

You can try changing the off routines from if X is off to if X stays off for 1 or 2 seconds, turn Y off


How to do it?


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