Slow Local Response on Automation

Hi all,

So I had a generic Zigbee Switch (I think it was an eWeLink) in my Master Bathroom. I set an automation for when the switch was turned on, to also turn on my Philips Hue Light Strip under the cabinets. It was working great and was very quick. I almost never noticed any significant delay.

The switch failed and I had to replace it. I didn’t have time to run to the store, so I grabbed a Leviton Dimmer Z-Wave switch I had in a hallway in the front of the house and moved it the Master Bathroom to replace the zigbee switch.

I setup my automation again and also repaired my z-wave network since the z-wave switch was moved to a new part of the home.

Now, when I turn on the switch, the automation runs, but there is a significant delay. Sometimes as along as 10 seconds. Any idea what would be causing this and how I can fix it? Should I reboot my v2 hub?

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I rebooted. No help. Maybe just a slow switch?

Probably. How old is the switch? If it’s 5+ years old then it might not send instant status due to the patent issue.

Since you moved the switch, you may want to log into the IDE and check its routing to see if it’s reasonable or if you need to try another network repair.

You can also pull up live logging in the IDE. If the DTH is set up to log the incoming z-wave commands, you can watch for how long it takes between toggling the switch and the hub receiving a z-wave command from the switch indicating on/off. If there’s a significant delay there, it’s likely slow reporting from the switch, and the only fix would be to replace it.

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Are you using a custom DTH for the zwave switch? If so, those all run in the cloud, which adds latency.

If you can find a stock groovy DTH for the switch or an Edge Driver (even a custom one), those are eligible to run locally.

The switch is almost 5 years old. When I get a minute I’ll have to log in to the IDE and check.

I’m using the stock DTH for a zwave dimmer switch. The automations are running locally. I get the house indicator on my automations page in the app.

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Then I’d have to agree with @philh30 : it sounds like the platform may be using polling for status changes. Leviton did license the Lutron patent for some models, but that was using the zwave Hail command, and ST didn’t always recognize those as status updates. Particularly in the generic DTH. :thinking:

I believe you guys are correct. I have 4 of these switches. I’ve never had them automated with other devices in the 4+ years I’ve had them. I linked a different switch in a different room to a different bulb in a different room and I am having the same issue. I really like the switch, I just wish it worked better with ST. Oh well.

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Do you know the exact model number? If it’s one that does support the hail command and you can find eventually an edge driver that supports the hail command, it should be super quick.

I updated to the stock edge driver. Still have a delay. The model is Vizia rf+ Cat. No. DZMX1 15A

I’m still learning edge drivers, so I’m not sure how to install a custom edge driver yet.

Stock probably won’t help, I don’t think they support the hail command.

To use a custom edge driver, you just follow the link that the author gives you and it will be automatically downloaded to your hub. This can take a few hours for some people.

You can find custom edge drivers on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki: