Automations partially not working

I have a rule I made using SmartRules and it has been working for months. The premise behind the two rules was that when I open a door after sunset the light will come on and after the door is closed and stays closed foer 2 minutes the light would go off.

The light going on works, but the going off always fails. I tried a similar rule in CoRE and same result the light remains on. And when I manually turn off the light the light goes off but status says on. Also the IOS app crashes many times when trying to toggle a switch.

UPDATE: SmartRules and CoRE turn on the light very quick, but can’t get off to work. Smart Lighting turns on the light with a second delay, and the off command works. Strange that the native app works and the developer apps don’t, or is it?

You mentioned having issues with the status updating. In CoRE, go to the piston’s main page and scroll down to advanced options, then disable command optimizations - by default, CoRE won’t send a command to a device if it determines the result will not change anything (i.e. won’t issue a Turn off if the light is already off). It does this to boost performance and limit the number of commands it sends, to avoid network flooding.


The updating problem only happens with manual toggle of a switch. But I will try that anyway.