Problem w/ Smart Lighting

Hi - I had a Smartthings hub and just switched all my devices over to the new Smartthings Link for nvidia Shield. I got all my devices connected back and everything works fine, except a problem within a smart lighting setup.

Basically, I want my kitchen light to turn on when the kitchen door opens, turn off 10 minutes after it’s closed, and only do this after sunset. This worked fine with my previous Smartthings hub setup, but now, it works correctly after sunset, but during the day opening the door still turns the light on, and it will never turn off again even after I close it. So, it’s not only ignoring the sunset->sunrise setting, but ignoring the turn off after 10 minutes command as well.

I’m fairly sure I have everything set right, but can someone offer any idea as to whether I bungled something, or if this is some bug either in the app or within the new Smartlink firmware or something? It’s driving me nuts.

Here’s a screenshot of my settings within the app (assuming linking to images works):

have you tried deleting the rule and re-creating it?

Yep. Tried that. Problem still exists

Looking at your rule in SmartLighting, it looks correct…I still use SmartLighting for simple stuff but there were just too many instances as yours where it frustrated me and I sought out a fix. That fix led me to CoRE now webCoRE.

I find making my own rules in webCoRE is much easier to troubleshoot and I find it to be much more reliable than SmartLighting despite that the rules run in the cloud.

The below rule has elements of what you are doing with some more rules added to it such as if the light is on then make it brighter when the door opens and return it back to the level it was when the door closes. Feel free to import it and tweak it to your liking.

i’d email support. I’m guessing thats a rule thats supposed to run local and something isn’t acting right with local timers

Just looked at this and I do not have the off section in this Piston. However, this Piston is very similar to most of my Auto On/Off Lighting Rules. Feel free to use it.

Just talked to a rep, and yep, it was something I bungled. I completely forgot I messed around with a couple routine settings by accident when setting things up and put in a “turn the kitchen light on” command for the “I’m Back” routine, so during the daytime that was still getting triggered when opening the door (with no rule to tell it to turn back off) while at night the smart lighting app was duplicating the turn on command, but also correctly telling it to turn off, hence my confusion.

In any case, I killed off the light command in the routine and everything is working as expected. So, chalk this one up to me forgetting I had messed around with a routine and a good CSR on Samsung’s end figuring out that was the issue.

As for webcoRE, thanks rontalley for pointing that out. I hadn’t been aware of it before but I’m looking through it now. Seems interesting and I may have to play around with that more later. Appreciate the advice there as well!

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Remember, you can always look at the device in the ST App and click the SmartApps Tab and the App will tell you every Routine, Rule and/or App that you have associated with that Device.

Oh wow. I never even realized that. Ha. Thanks for that tip as well!