Help with CoRE not triggering correctly

I want my lights to turn on after a certain time if I’m Home or when I get home based on my mode showing that I’m home. However it doesn’t seem to be working because my lights still turn on after 830pm even if I’m not home. I uploaded my dashboard for the piston below.

Try asking in the core peer assistance thread. That’s where most of the core experts hang out. :sunglasses:

Just by looking at it, looks like it should work. I would change the Time is after 830PM to something like Time is In Between, to me that condition is valid up until 829PM. Also, I don’t think you need the day restrictions since you have all 7 days in there.

Also, I’m ver 0629 already so there might have been bug fixes after your version.

Edit: I guess there’s a version 0706, with some restriction fixes.

Ok thanks I’ll try that. Do you know how to update to the latest version of coRe? I added the repo but when I go to it I don’t see that version just 0.2.

Here’s a link on how to set up and update from the github repository.

Edit: If you want to update manually, here’s the repo link:

I’ve got several pistons that trigger based upon time that are not scheduled. Although it seems to be only me, yours looks like that problem, too.