Automations only partially executing

Hi amazing community,

some of the automations I have leave out one or the other device now and then (Light does not get turned off, (virtual) switch does not get turned on/off, etc.). I was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues, or if it might be rooted in my own setup?

Detailed setup:

  • I have a virtual switch called “Good Night”
  • I have an automation, that fires when the switch gets turned on (there are additional conditions on which mode and specific time of the day) --> I use the new ST app to turn on the switch
  • The automation is supposed to turn off all lights (Hue local integration, 15 lights), all running Harmony activities, and to change the mode to “Asleep”
  • In addition, the automation is supposed to turn of the “Good Night” switch 1 minute later

Issue: every time the automation executes, not all steps/devices are executed. Sometimes it is a lamp that stay on, sometimes the virtual switch does not get turned off again, etc.
It is not always the same devices that fail to execute, and in a few cases the full automation executes.
(As far as I can tell, mode change has always been executed.)

I have a similar automation for the morning, which I also trigger by a virtual switch, which also sometimes does not execute all elements.

Anyone has similar issues or might have an idea why I am experiencing this?
Are there maybe too many devices in the automation? (total of 22 elements in the automation)

Thanks so much for your help in advance!

This is quite likely. (It’s not the only possibility, but it’s definitely one potentially contributing factor.)

Try breaking it up into 10 or fewer devices per automation. I’m not sure if it would help to put them into scenes or not, but you could try that first.

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No, you’re not alone. I’m actually dealing with SmartThings support now because my Night and Morning routines sometimes fail to arm or disarm the ST Home Monitor. And I only have three steps in each automation.
In my case, most of the time they work fine, but sometimes they don’t.

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I have some strange issue with one automation. Motion sensor to trigger lamp on, simple as that . In automation, light is turned on and dimmer is set to 100% if in timeframe and virtual switch is on. The problem is that sometimes the dimmer is not set to 100% but some other, seemingly random, value. These are Ikea Zigbee devices.

things quiet down don’t work, equivalent of… (no motion for x)