Automations not working after 040.06 version update

I have the UK Samsung v3 Hub. After the update to 040.06 version the automations and notifications stopped working.

I will give a few examples:

  1. When a door is open I used to be notified on the phone.
  2. If someone was knocking on my door I used to be notified
  3. If someone will open the door and both sensors like motion and open/close sensor will be activated the alarm will be triggered.

I checked the sensors and the app updated their statuses, it’s only about automations/notifications.

I tried to restart the hub, and disable/enabled automation.

Any help will be appreciated.

Try saving the routines again. Add a space at the end of the routine name and save. Not sure it will resolve the issue but worth trying.

If android, clear cache for the ST app.


Contact ST support and report the issue :slight_smile:

I redone one to them, it works again, but the issue is I have a lot of them, and redoing all of them is not a solution.

They only way to contact Smart things support is via e-mail through the app?