Automations don't work for Schlage Lock or Arlo in the new app

You can create an automation to have your Schlage lock to arm or disarm your alarm, but it will not work.
You can create an automation for your Arlo cameras to turn on or off when the alarm mode changes, but it will not work.
Why are we able to create these automations if they don’t have the proper programing behind them?

It’s kind of hard to say, given that you don’t tell us which smart app you’re using to create the automations you say aren’t working.

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also need hub, mobile app you’re using, etc.

I am new to Smartthings, being that I used to use Lowe’s IRIS until recently, so the App I am using is the new App that was just updated last week and I do NOT have the ADT hub. I see a lot of comments about the way things work with the ADT hub but that doesn’t help the non ADT people because apparently these two Hubs work totally different.

New app Smart Home Monitor can’t be used with any automations.

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That’s really then confusing to me and I hope to understand, because I feel I am pretty savy to this kind of stuff. I go into Automation and then into Smart Lighting to create everything so far. So, why can I not get the Arlo cameras to turn on or off depending on the status of the alarm? The rules are there and they let me select them.

can you post a screen shot of the rule you’re trying to setup?

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I hope this worked.

There is also a way in the new App to create Custom Automations that can be used to create the same type of rule.

In your original post you said you were trying to turn the camera on when the “alarm mode” changes. To what “alarm” are you referring?

I guess I am referring to the Smart Home Monitor. When I leave the house I want the Arlo Cameras to be armed and on sensing motion. When I come home I want the Arlo cameras to be turned off, or from what I can see so far it would put them in the privacy mode.

i think you’re confusing the location mode vs SHM state. They are two separate settings.Your smart lighting rule you posted when the location mode is set to Away. You could test it by manually setting the mode from the Manage location page in the new app.


I’ll echo what @Automated_House said above. The “When Mode Changes” trigger you’re using in your rule refers to a ST “Mode” that is something completely different from your Smart Home Monitor alarm state.

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You can also create a separate rule to change your location mode when SHM mode changes. You do this in the Custom automations.

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Samsung is really bad about naming things. Sometimes they even give the same name to two different things which have different functions.

This confuses a lot of people when it comes to modes. There is an “away mode” for the location and an “away mode” for security. But they are used in different ways and set differently.

See the following FAQ. (The topic title is a clickable link) although the examples there are from the older app, the same concepts apply.

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This is now starting to make some sense as to why I can’t do what I want.
Thanks for the input. I am going to play with it some more to get more familiar with the functions.

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