Automations didn't initially work following extended power outage

Depending where you are in the world, you may have heard that a good chunk of Ontario Canada was hit with a rare Derecho last Saturday afternoon.

We were without power for three and a half days afterwards.

Our power came on around 4 AM Wednesday morning and every smart bulb and switch came on in the “ON” position (I need to figure out a solution for that).

Once the internet and my SmartThings hub (Aeotec V3) had come back online, I turned off all the lights and switches via the SmartThings app I went back to bed.

I have some automations (Routines) that start between 7:00 AM and 7:20 AM.
They didn’t trigger. The 8:00 AM automations didn’t work either.

Shortly after 9:00 AM I noticed that the automation I have set for our bedroom had activated approximately 12 hours before it should have.

Based on that, I can only assume that the hub hadn’t been able to get the correct time, or at least the AM/PM value, when it came back to life.

Does that make sense?

BTW my hub is running the 000.043.00003 beta and I’m using Edge drivers for all my Zigbee devices.

hue bulbs with a hue bridge… you can set the “Light behavior at power on” for the hue bulbs.

it may need to cycle through Routines once at which time it should sync to the correct schedule.

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Too rich for my blood. That would be a lot of devices to replace.
I’ve got a mix of Ikea Tradfri, Sengled, SONOFF, and ThirdReality Zigbee lights and switches.

I have my Tradfri bulbs set to remember their previous state, but that appears to only work if you are using the Tradfri gateway.

I had a solution that worked when I was running Hubitat.
I never bothered connecting ST and Hubitat since the tool that links them requires Groovy, and that’s going away at some point soon-ish.

I’d love to see something similar available like what you can use to connect Hubitat (Maker API) and HA that stays all within your local network.
Not sure if the ST folks plan on making the platform totally cloud-free.

By the time the afternoon routines were set to activate, everything was working as expected.

Had a 41 minute power outage this afternoon due to a thunderstorm.

Similarly, all of my time based automations are currently delayed by 41 minutes.
Curious to see how long it will take for the hub to figure out what time it is.

On a positive note, my Ikea Tradfri smart bulbs did remember and honour the power loss state setting from the Edge driver I’m using.