Arlo pro camera

Does anyone know if the arlo pro camera is compatible with smartthings. Would like to start off by buying one or 2 if they are.

Yes they are. I currently have one Arlo Pro and two original Arlos hooked up to my system.

Absolutely compatible!! You can get creative with them too and use the Arlo’s motion sensors through SmartThings to turn lights on/off etc…, and still have all video/motion directed to the Arlo hub concurrently.

Thanks guys for replying. Most important question…battery life? I know they are rechargeable but do they still run out of juice every month.

Hello, I’m trying to use my Arlo motion sensor to turn on my lights when motion is detected with the “Smart Lighting” App and it just won’t work at all. Every component of my system works, the lights can be remotely switched on/off with the app and my Arlo camera is viewable and connected to SmartThings. I created and completed a “New Lighting Automation” in Smart Lighting choosing the arlo camera to turn on the light when motion is detected, but nothing. Will not work. Any tips or hints you can give for the setup or to trouble shoot? Any help is greatly appreciated. Best.

Good Morning,
Have you tried just controlling a single light first with the Arlo’s motion
I would start there if you haven’t yet.
Let me know!!

Hi, yes, right now it’s set to only control a single switch. And that switch works and can be operated through the SmartThings app to turn on/off remotely.

OK. The difference I am seeing compared to my setup is that I did not use the Smart Lighting SmartApp. I manually created an Automation routine and configured the settings in its rule there. One other thing that may differ is that I decided to not have SmartThings manage the Arlo system as a whole so I moved it’s overall control back onto the Netgear Arlo hub. But…the Arlo camera’s motion sensor remained in the SmartThings available ‘Things’.

Thank you for the info! I’ll try and configure my system based on your setup, using a routine.

This may help explain some of the battery curiosity:

so you are able to bring in just the motion from arlo pro camera into st?

Yes…that is exactly how I have mine setup. I had some fun with it and was driving my wife a little batty with the setup at first. The Arlo was connected to a ST outlet, which our Christmas tree is plugged into. I created a ST routine that would turn the tree off every time the Arlo’s motion tripped. Considering the fact Arlo picks up on cars driving by the house, it was quite random and quite amusing watching her occasional frustration with ‘What the heck is wrong with this tree’?

By adding Arlo into ST, does it make the Arlo cameras battery drain faster? Does it give motion the same motion settings that are in the Arlo app? By adding Arlo into ST, one would get double to notifications except I guess you would have to disable all notifications from the Arlo app?

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One of my arlo Pro which I bought 2 weeks back already ran out of charge. I was using it in my living room facing patio door where there is lots of activity and hooked it up to smartthings. Also, the Arlo Pro outdoor facing my front yard too is very low of charge in just 2 weeks. I wasn’t expecting it.

I’ve got mine set pretty aggressive for the front door. High traffic area, activated probably 15 - 20 times a day, with 1 minute recording at best quality. I get about 35-40 days before I need to recharge and am pretty happy with that. I prefer to have more time and video and just swap battery packs more often.

I am also interested in how well the Netgear Arlo Pro cameras integrate with the ST hub and app. I understand the motion detection works, but are you able to view the camera views?