Smartthings Outlet and routine not working for power meter + stay this way for how long

I’m using a Smartthings outlet (the original square appliance outlet with the power meter).

I’m in the process or proactively trying to migrate my custom DH and smart apps to Edge drivers.

One of my use cases is for a laundry monitor. I was previously using a custom smart app that would monitor an outlet for a specific wattage level to trigger and then after a specific amount of time under that wattage, it would notify in the app and then I also use a virtual switch to trigger an Alexa speak routine.

Anyway, I attempted to convert to a routing using two virtual devices and two routings:

First routing monitors the outlet for power usage over a set amount, 150 watts in this case with a time period of 2 minutes. Then after that it turns on a virtual switch.

Here’s the problem: the routine appears to support me setting the devices to the wattage, and allows me to set ‘stays this way for how long’ to a given time period, and I can save it.

However, when I reopen the routine, the ‘stays this way for how long’ it gone.

Anyone else seen this?

If it is iOS and are you using range… there appears to be a bug with the latest version of the app. A few other have reported a similar issue.

Report the issue to ST support.

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Genius sir! I set the routines on an android device and they appear to stick.