Automatically turn off outlet when other outlet has low current

I have a TP-Link Kasa HS310 power strip. It can measure the amount of current/power each outlet is using, which is visible in the Kasa app. I have a computer in one & two monitors plugged into other outlets. When the computer goes to sleep, so that the current/power on that plug is less than some threshold, I’d like to power off the monitor outlets.

How can I do this in SmartThings? Is the power/current even reported to SmartThings?

I know I can buy a power strip with exactly this functionality, but those outlets don’t allow monitoring of electricity usage. I want both the monitoring, and the “auto power off” functionality.

I think you will need to use webcore. I do this on a single power measuring plug right now connected to my 3D printer. You would measure the vampire draw of your PC when powered down (it likely still draws a little bit) and then set up a piston that says: If (PC Plugs) drops below XX watts, then turn off Plug 2 and Plug 3. You could also reverse it so that if the PC plug power rises, the monitor plugs turn on.

Another way would be with the built in automation function. Use one of the monitor plugs being on as a precondition, then if the power drops to the vampire level, shut the monitor plugs off.

I am not certain webcore would be a good option at this point. It will be phased out when support for groovy ends on the ST platform.


I agree, but the built in rules engine is a bit lacking

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Thanks. When I select a plug and choose “Add routine”, the only options for the “If” part are “On or off”, “On” or “Off.” There’s nothing about power or current. Are those even reported to SmartThings?

Hmmm. With a Kasa plug, I don’t know. I use two Smartthings branded plugs that do report power.

Except Webcore works now, and this is very easy to do there. You can get it running in minutes right now, while you learn how to write serious code for the new platform (crazy that it’s gotten more complex, isn’t it? Why should an average user, with an average use case, need to learn complex computer coding to simply say “when outlet X power consumption drops below 10 watts, turn off outlet Z”??