Help with clunky automation

I migrated to the new app a few months ago, creating new automations from scratch. One of them is my goodnight routine which uses a virtual switch. In the old app, I used a simulated button switch, however, when I re-created the automations, I had read that push buttons would not work in the new app. So I ended up creating a regular virtual switch, however, my automation only works when the switch turns “on”. This forced me to include the switch as part of a morning routine to turn it off so that it was in the right position at night.

Just wondering if push buttons are available again or, if not, what’s the best way to set this up (without webcore which I don’t use). Thanks.

There are some versions of virtual momentary buttons which do work with the new V3 app, I believe Orangebucket has one.

For your particular situation, though, a good alternative is just to use the power allowance feature of smartlighting and have the switch always turn itself off after one minute.

Thanks for the suggestions. I actually have Alexa turn on the virtual switch when I say “goodnight” so it’s not as part of a specific automation (so I don’t believe I can setup a timer to turn it back off in this case). I guess I could just set it to power off automatically at some random time under Device Controls rather than including it in the morning automation.

Power allowance is a special feature. Once you set it up, that switch will ALWAYS turn itself off every time it hits the time limit, no matter how you turn it on. Whether you turn it on with another automation, by voice with Alexa, by toggling it in the app, in a scene— It doesn’t matter. The switch always turns itself off again after the amount of time you specified when you created the power allowance. :sunglasses:

Thanks again. I’ll check it out.

Sort of …

Something is broken with the stock Momentary Button Tile in the new app. I’ve no idea what as the Momentary capability works fine.

It was also possible to create tiles for the Classic app to activate custom commands. That sort of ‘button’ will be possible in the new app but it isn’t there yet and will need changes to the handlers.