Time based switch action issue

I am obviously missing something simple or the ‘if’ and ‘then’ is confusing me

I have a simple Smartlighting automation that switches a smart plug off for 2 hours

Switch x off at 10am also turn on at 12pm , simple

How the heck do I recreate that in 'automations ’ in one automation ??

I can do it in 2 automations but can it not be done in one ? I can’t seem to figure it out

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You probably aren’t missing anything. Some Smart Lighting automations will need two Automations.

In this case the annoying thing is that selecting the ‘turn on’ action for switches presents an optional ‘auto turn-off’ action with a timer, but the ‘turn off’ option doesn’t have the corresponding ‘auto turn-on’ which would do the job for you. That just seems bizarre.


you currently need two automations to do that in the current automations editor



I wonder how that copes with daylight savings changes.

Milans options would not work for me as the same switch needs to switch off 3 times for 2 hours during a 24hr period, in Smartlighting I had 3 simple automations that accomplished it

It’s not a big issue to create 6 automations but we are used to this kind of thing, what happens when a novice tries to switch something off for a set duration, they will get confused by ‘if’ and ‘then’ and probably give up when it appears to be impossible or as Milan shows, wayyy too complex

As a side note, I’m glad it wasn’t me not seeing the obvious

I suppose you could actually reverse the logic and think of it as turning the switch on for a period of time with an auto turn-off. In which case it is three Automations.

If the switch is always off for two hours you could use the same automation to turn it on (if switch is off then turn off switch with a two hour delay). That makes it four Automations.

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Maybe new On/Off option


Damn good shout Milan, that’s the ticket, all 3 automations in one shot.

I’m assuming blue is on and blanc is off

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They were my final Smartlighting automations all now transfered to ‘automations’