Automation to document device power usage daily? (Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch)

I just added an Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch, Gen 5 US (ZW078) to my SmartThings network. It is hooked up to a pump and I want to use it to get daily updates on how much power the pump has used.

The SmartThings app will display Watts and kWh consumed with the option to reset it back to 0. I’d like to find a way to send this data to a spreadsheet or another place where I can monitor performance over time. Ideally, I’d like to set control limits where it will notify if power use becomes excessive.

I’m not a programmer but looked at IFTT and SmartApps for solutions. Any ideas?

Check out this thread.

Or look at this:

There’s a data logging FAQ. It covers both of the previous suggestions and several more. :sunglasses:

ROUNDUP: Data Logging and Charting Solutions

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They might be coming out with their own energy management app. Will try and find more info at SDC.

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