Energy Monitoring Logging

I have a couple Aeotec Heavy Duty switches that are using the Aeotec edge drive and are working with no problem. When I look at the individual device, I can see the energy monitoring and power monitoring and they both work fine.

What I’m looking for is a way to have this data logged or graphed over a longer period of time. I thought that using the Life > Energy app would work, but that says that there are no supported devices. After some digging, I found out that app only supports specific Samsung appliances.

So, now my question is - what are people doing for longer term energy monitoring or tracking? Or are people jus using the little graph that shows up on the individual device page?

Thank you!

If you had searched the forum, you would have found the following. I think it’s the most popular choice right now.

ConstantGraph Data Logging and Charting

You can find some additional options by using the “logging” tag in the forum, but some of those are out of date now. Look for ones that also say “after groovy“ or “edge“ to find choices that work with the new 2023 architecture.

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Thanks for the link. I did actually search (multiple times) before posting this. I just kept coming up with threads about drivers, about the app (that’s how I found out that it only works with certain devices), and about specific devices. For some reason, I didn’t come across this thread that you linked to.

Thanks again


It does seem to work with certain other devices but it is hard to pin down exactly what, and when it does it gets confused easily. I just had to delete my app because despite my only having a Smart Meter and a Gas Meter in the settings, it was convinced I had selected Connected Devices (not an option) and Gas Meter. Last time that happened when I created a virtual fridge out of curiosity. This time it was just spontaneous nonsense that I can only put down to exploring the app.

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Can you elaborate Graham, i have gas as an option and energy total as an option but no electric as an individual item

Sure. In the Energy app settings it currently says:

Measurement method
Smart Meter, Gas Meter

If I click through I get to choose the source for ‘total energy usage’. At the moment I can only choose Smart Meter.

Then I have an option for ‘gas usage’ and my only option is Gas Meter.

The strange thing about this is that before the gas was added there was absolutely no suggestion that Smart Meter covered both electric and gas, and the app itself only asked for the electric tariff. And why would a ‘total energy usage’ option only cover electric and gas anyway?

But anyway. A while back I added a Virtual Fridge temporarily and the Energy app instantly offered me a choice between Smart Meter and Connected Devices for the ‘total energy usage’ in the settings. However, regardless of what I selected, when I exited the settings it said:

Measurement method
Connected Devices, Gas Meter

… and my Smart Meter readings were no longer displayed in the app. It stayed like that even when I removed the virtual appliance and the settings only allowed me to choose Smart Meter. The only way I could get it to accept that I didn’t have Connected Devices was to delete the Energy app and install a new instance.

The same thing happened recently. I was exploring the app and probably looked at something to do with solar power or something like that. The next thing I knew I was back seeing Connected Devices even though that wasn’t an option in the settings.

How the energy usage of a single appliance can be considered to represent ‘total energy usage’ is a mystery to me.

That is one quirky app.

ok so i see what you see now then, except i have a washing machine included

But the app makes little sense when it shows “Total usage”( energy) a “Gas” option and then a “Washing machine” option, i think there is a bit of a text typo by the devs and it should read “Total usage (Electric)” that would then make complete sense

To prove the point just tap the i button next to the graph if Total useage is selected , the pop up says
Total Usage
This shows the total electricity usage at blah blah blah

so yeah, a dev typo that needs to change because Gas and Solar are also Energy

Here we go again. First time I have opened the app since the previous discussion.

Here are my measurement method settings:



Mystery continus then

I have the same settings, smart meter, gas meter but i dont get your connected devices oddity

Very odd

If you are interested in using ConstantGraph, you can create dashboards such as the one below:

or simple ones like this:

You can sign-up free for a basic account which will store data for up to 2 months or you can make a donation of your choice for longer durations and additional features.

take a look at We are always interested to see how people want to use the site and make improvements as necessary.

If you want to try Wappsto, you can integrate Smartthings there, and it will automatically log all your devices.

And you can download your data as a CSV file to use it in Excel afterwards.

You can also automate using scratch (For example, I use it to avoid Standby electricity for my stereo, using an Aqara plug on Smartthings).

I just made a rare foray into the Energy app. It again was showing ‘Connected devices’ for my ‘Total energy’ even though I am not aware of having any.

However now when I enter the ‘Measurement method’ settings I do get to choose between ‘Connected devices’ and ‘Smart Meter’, instead of only seeing the latter, and more importantly the setting I choose is respected. So that is an improvement.

The app still mostly refers to ‘Total energy usage’ where it seems to only be considering the electricity consumption. It’s like the developers were taken by surprise by the existence of mains gas and have never got back on track.

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