Automation crash

Why is my app shutting down when I click on the Automations? I cannot view any of my automations because it shuts the app down.

iOS or Android? Have you tried uninstalling the ST app and reinstalling? Probably will not resolve it but worth trying? Any malware/ad blockers installed?

I deleted the app and downloaded again, automations still shuts down the app. iOS.

DeAnna Martinez

Contact ST support and report the issue. One possibility is you hit a rate limit.

You’re not alone. It happens to me as well. iOS. It only started happening with the newest version, and I definitely have not hit any limits.

I had the same issue on my phone after first automation about a month ago when I started testing the new app, so surely not a limit issue. Reinstalling the app did not resolve the issue. I do not have the same issue on my iPad though.