Auto mode switch app?

What’s the recommended auto mode switch app for smartthings? I want it to basically switch between home/away/night automatically depending on the phone presence (more than one phone).

I am using “Nobody Home”. It’s doing exactly what I want, but it seems to miss one scenario.

  • during the day, when I return home, it does not switch from “away” to “home”

It does cover all the other ones though:

  1. when everyone leaves, switch to away (during the day or at night)
  2. when someone is home, sunrise or sunset, mode is switched to home/night correctly.
  3. after sunset, when I arrive home, it switches to night mode.

but when I return home during the day it doesn’t switch from away to home! The smartthings log indicates the system is detecting my phone’s presence correctly, but the app is just not changing the mode.

Any other mode app out there? Thanks!

check out “Routine Director” under the modes section in the marketplace.

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FYI, I have been seeing multiple reports of issues with modes switching to/from home - so it might not be the fault of your SmartApp…