Set "Away" Mode based on multiple users being gone?

I have motion sensors that I want to turn on lights when everyone in our house is away. How do I activate the “Away” mode to only be used when both mine and my wife’s cell phones (devices) are away from the house? Thanks in advance.

You should definitely be able to do this, but the method varies a little bit depending on the exact set up that you have.

Which smartthings hub do you have? Samsung connect? The original smartthings hub? The new ADT/smartthings panel?

If you have the ADT/smartthings panel, are the motion sensors the dual logo sensors? Or? ( brand and model of the sensors)

And when you say “away” mode, do you mean the “away” mode which is used for lighting rules? Or do you mean the “armed away” value which is used for the security functions?

Also, are you and your wife the only two users on the account? There aren’t also kids or anyone else?

Sorry for all the questions, but as I mentioned, the answers to those questions do affect the method for setting the mode. :sunglasses:

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It shouldn’t be too hard. Install the smartthings app on both of your phones and add them as presence sensors in the things. This will use the phones to determine if your home or away based on geolocation. As of the latest update on iOS I find that this has been very reliable with our phones.

Once you do that go into automations in the smartthings app and create a new routine. You can set it up so that when nobody is home (and you select the devices to monitor) then activate a mode, turn on lights etc etc.

I have the smartthings v2 hub and iphones running the app and this works for me. Hopefully it helps.

Gavin - This is the setup I have and am looking for. We have our phones set as presence sensors, but I dont have the option to pick one or both when creating a routine. I set-up a routine to turn on lights when “away”, but it works when my phone is away and my wife’s is still home. Any way to configure the “away” mode to activate when BOTH presence sensors (2 iphones) are away from the house?

I have the same set-up with Hub 2.0 and iPhones - not sure if that help JD.

Thanks, both!

In the app go to the automation tap/routines and then add routine.

Give it a name.
Scroll down to the bottom and look for “automatically perform” and seelct it
You will see an “Everyone leaves” option. If you select it you can then select your devices under “which”.
Then go back to the screen before and you can select what happens such as the mode changing, temp changing, lights changing etc.

This should get you up and running.

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I do this in webcore

I do the same thing. Under the default “Goodbye” automation, under additional settings, automatically perform goodbye when everyone leaves.

Appreciate all of the advice. Realize that when you use/select more than one action (e.g., everyone leaves / something happens, etc.) it is an “OR” and not “AND”. This was the issue I was having. Since then, other threads (that some of you are part of - thanks!) have educated me on utilizing modes. I now have a HOME and an AWAY mode. I am able to tell the activity to not perform when we are in HOME mode, which I created as another routine to automatically go to HOME mode if any of our presence indicators (iPhones) are local. Appreciate the help on this thread, as well as the others. Learning a lot with every new activity or switch we install.

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