Automated Routines and Sonos announcements

I have a number of automated routines that play announcements on Sonos speakers when a door is opened or closed. They seem to currently not be working. I have also gone into the app and using the test routine action it does not execute. But I can control the Sonos speakers via the ST app. I am still on ST v52.21 as I have not received the upgrade yet and I am on the latest Sonos v. 16.2. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I just tested a Routine and it worked fine on my Sonos speakers. I am on 53 but I don’t that would make a difference or not.

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Not that this helps really but I am not seeing any issues with announcements either. Running new Sonos firmware 16.2 (app 16.1) with ST on 52.21…

Well it started working again. :grinning: I did receive the ST v53 update but not sure that was the fix.

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