Automate Shades - Pulse 2 Hub (Rollease)

Hey Everyone,

I have been using the Pulse 2 Hub for all my motorized Shades (Rollease) in smartthings and has been working perfectly for over 1.5 years since i’ve been using it. All of a sudden I’ve been getting “Network or Server Error. Try again later” for any of my shades within smartthings. I haven’t added or changed anything and only started this past Wednesday.

I have deleted the Automate Shades integration LINK and re-added it. I’ve deleted the Smartthings app and reinstalled and still the same. All my other devices work fine but only these are having this error. If I use the AUTOMATE app it self the blinds work fine from that hub just the integration into smartthings has broken and not sure what happened.

If anyone has seen this error or knows how to fix it would be great! Using an android device (S22 ultra) with V3 Aeotec hub – all updated.

*Side note; Automate/Rollease will be getting Matter Support as per the company =)

Also having this problem. I’me now using my Bond Bridge to control my blinds through Smartthings.

So have you moved all your Rollease blinds to the bond Bridge and that integration into smartthings is working?

Trying to narrow down the cause. If that is so than that is pointing to the Pulse 2 Hub being the issue but haven’t noticed any recent changes. I’ve been trying to reach out to Rollease but there tech support has been closed for Thanksgiving .

Honestly find it bizzare how everything has been working and than as of Wednesday late afternoon the Smart Blind integration from Automate stopped working (although i can still link it no problem). All my other devices are working normally.

Bond Bridge has limited functionality. Only Open & Close. Pause and % don’t work but better than nothing. Definitely the Pulse hub.

I’m having crazy difficulty opening a service ticket with Samsung via the app. Every time i get a response saying this is not the right place and contact Smartthings…

I was hoping Samsung can look into it as well but i keep getting thrown around in circle. They keep saying use the app and contact us feature + send error logs. I do that and get an email back saying please do it again as this is the wrong place (I’ve gone through this over 5 times now. Getting very annoyed now)

Hopefully shall contact rollease tmrw and hear what they have to say

I’m having the same issue as of recently too. Any reason why not to just use the Automate Pulse 2 app? I want to get it working through SmartThings but I don’t want to buy Bond Bridge just for these shades.

I’m going to hopefully reach out to Rollease and see if there is an issue on there end since the integration works right when adding to GOOGLE HOME directly and only an issue with adding into SMART THINGS - i’m leaning towards both need to do some updates to get it to work well again

I could use the Pulse 2 Hub only BUT I have automations working with other smart sensors and buttons that I need Smart Things for to work with my blinds.

If anyone knows anything and can help please reach out =)

I’ll update when I have more information as well

Spoke with Rollease, they have escalated the ticket i’ve opened and looking into the issue with Smartthings. Hoping this gets resolved sooner than later. I recommend those that are having issues to open a ticket as well. Due to the Thanksgiving Long weekend they are catching up on emails and service tickets so might be a delay. They weren’t aware of any issues so I did let them know many community members are having this issue.

(More tickets they have they can see the urgency)

Working again. Thanks Nimesh.

Just checked myself and working again =)

Just to keep everyone in the loop, this was an issue on the ROLLEASE (Pulse 2 Hub - Automate app) side and there integration with SmartThings. They have acknowledged the issue and have made the fixes with the Smartthings Skill (as we have noticed as our blinds are now working).

I’m glad they were quick to fix the problem =)

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