Rollease Automate Pulse 2 & ST hub Automation

I have several Rollease Acmeda motor shades. I installed the Rollease Automate Pulse 2 hub. I connected the hub to the ST hub and I can successfully control the motors from within the Classic and Smartthings app. Within the Classic app I created an automation with an Aeon Wallmote to open and close the shades. That I can’t get to work. I don’t think the issue is with the Aeon Wallmote as I have a) other motors (Axis Gear) that successfully controls them b) when I press the automation with the Classic app also don’t work. The Classic app shows the Aeon Wallmote button was pressed but then again I don’t think that’s the issue as the automation itself doesn’t work to begin with when pressed inside the app. I have attached a screenshot from the automation that doesn’t close the shades even so the close command in the Classic app works just fine under Things. Any help is appreciated.

“SS” is not an abbreviation that I am familiar with. :thinking: Are you using that for SmartThings? (I usually see that abbreviated as “ST.”)

I just want to make sure that we are talking about the same thing, and that you’re not in a beta program or something.

Also, I know you’re limited as a new user, but when you get a chance could you also post the screenshots of the remainder of the automation which show which device is selected as the button controller?

My guess is SS = Samsung SmartThings but only the OP can confirm that :slight_smile:

PS I had to think for about 15 seconds when I first saw it :slight_smile:

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“SS” typo … corrected. ST. Would it matter which device is selected as the button controller? I could remove the device and use any other trigger to run the automation or manually run it but in every way, it would not execute the close (or open command) to the window treatment. I can’t figure out why I can properly close / open the shade from within the Classic app but the automation fails to do the very same. Whatever I use as trigger, such as sunset / sunrise or a button, would be secondary?! Thanks!

Most of the new cloud integrations do not work with Groovy based smartapps (all Classic Smart Apps). Hence why rollease does not work but Axis does. Try creating the same automation using the device page in the new app. It has a very easy to use button controller interface.

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That did the trick! I also deleted all routines from the Classic app, removed the Aeotec Wallmote, added it back and then created the routines. Works as desired. Thank you