Amazon Fire Hd motion detection in dark?

Is there anything I can do to have my Fire HD tablet detect motion in the dark?

I installed Fully Kiosk and the motion detection doesn’t work in the dark.

Only thing I can think of is doing something with infrared but I’m not sure how to go about that.

Camera can not see what it can not see.

All you have to do is tap the screen and it will come on…

You can add a motion sensor and use Tasker to turn on the screen…at least I believe so…

You could also put a smart switch/plug and a motion sensor in the room to turn on the light so the camera can see you.


It’s right beside my bed and I can’t sleep with the annoying glow. The dimming is not enough on the screensaver mode.

So I have it set to turn screen off after 60 seconds of no activity. Problem is, no detection in dark and I’m trying to avoid turning a light on in the middle of the night so it can detect me.

From my understanding, there is no setting to completely turn off the screen and be able to swipe the screen to wake it up.

Unfortunately, most tablets (and particularly not the Amazon Fire Tablets) do not have infrared “proximity detectors” that many smartphones have.

Smartphones have this feature in order to to turn off the screen when held up to ear, or to turn on the screen when you wave over them… Though proximity sensing “broke” on my Moto X PE several weeks ago with no obvious explanation. Perhaps the infrared LED or sensor broke.

Regardless - Maybe if tablet makers knew what we were using them for, they would add such a feature. But I think even the Amazon Show doesn’t do this… Probably because it is meant to be voice activated.


I noticed there is a noise detection feature on Fully Kiosk. Anyone have good luck with that as an alternative to motion detection without light?

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Thanks a lot for all your help on this site. I’ve only been here a short time and I always see you on here helping everyone out.

I’m beginning to create my ActionTiles using the trial and I really like how it all works.

I will definitely be purchasing.