Adjust Amazon Fire tablet brightness with motion?

I have a amazon fire setup with Actiontiles and DAKBoard and I want to setup that the screens brightness is set to it’s lowest unless a motion sensor detects motion and then this triggers the brightness to full for say 5 minutes. Any ideas?

I’ve tried using fires webcam to detect motion but this doesn’t appear to work.

When I was using my fire tablet as a panel. I was using the functionality built into fully kiosk browser. There is also a way or using Tasker but fully does it for you better.

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Can you use Fully Dim:0 + the motion settings?

If needed maybe use Tasker to set brightness when the app launches.

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fully kiosk browser work with the kindles that have ads on the lockscreen?

I tried motion detector app and the “Turn Screen” plugin for it and it didn’t work. I assume the lock screen ads were stopping it from waking up?

The $6 to get the professional license for Fully is so worth it. The functions still work just have a watermark in the background.

There is a setting to keep the device woke. Then a setting to goto screen saver after x amount of seconds. Then a “dim:” URL to make the screen go all the way down with a black background. Then a setting to set brightness upon motion.

All of this and your device will not lock.

BTW, there is a script to delete the lock screen ads.

I agree that $6 for those options listed is worth it but it’s per device, not per account like most everyone else. I have four tablets I want to set up. That’s $24 just for Fully. And what happens if the tablet dies on me and I have to get another one?

I’ll look into it this weekend on try it on one tablet. If it behaves like you said it does, I just might have to spend more money. I don’t want to, but I have no other choice. I don’t want screen burn in for my wall tablets.

What script is out there to remove the ads without paying the extra fee to Amazon? I’m totally clueless on that one.

I believe people root the tablet, not sure if that’s possible any more.

Wish I could help you more on this, I set my tablet up some time ago. I was able to root the tablet and load the required files to make it clean.

It has been sitting turned off for some time now. I found my family just used Alexa or their phones.

I believe that Fully will transfer a license to replacement tablet or phone upon request.

There isn’t one that works anymore. Which is perfectly appropriate: The tablet price is subsidized by these ads (“special offers”).

A one-time fee can be paid to remove the ads, but some tablet functions are still locked down (eg, lock screen upon power off) in FireOS. Obviously that was probably designed to ensure that the “special offers” would always be visible from time to time.

Does Anyone have a step by step? I can turn screen of and on with movement but it goes to lock screen, I just want to do the brightness trick

I realize this thread is old, but in case others wanted to get it to work in the Fully Kiosk browser, you enable the screensaver (get the PLUS license). Set the screensaver time to anything other than zero to enable it. Make sure the screensaver playlist and URL are empty. Adjust the screensaver brightness to be what you want (~60 is what I tried).

Then, in the motion detection section of the settings for Fully, enable the camera–I used the default settings for frame rate, sensitivity, etc. Then turn “on” the “Exit Screensaver on Motion”.

In the daylight it looks good. I’ll have to wait until tonight to see how it looks at night.