Authentication fails for several times

Hello ,@nayelyz.
I’m Willka, Developer LDS.
Sorry for reply after long time.
There is some changed in ‘SmartThings Developers | Support’, so I couldn’t find the communication history in the website.
I was doing test like these:

  1. I’ve been trying to simulate the South Korea network environment in AWS cloud server, but it was always succeed to the authentication page.
    The evidence video in url ‘OAuth_Video.mp4 - Google Drive’ will show you the process.
  2. I try to use VPN from South Korea to do my project’s Oauth authorization without any proplems.
  3. I try to test connection in other platforms I’ve accessed to, also succeeded.

So , in this case , I think my oauth service is able to use to auth.
Cloud you please ask the testing team trying to test my project with other network like using VPN or in other ways?

Could you tell me where to communicate with you in the website as usual I do for the reason of I havn’t permissions to reply in email?
Waiting for your reply sincerely.

Maybe @nayelyz can help you.

Thanks, @Andremain! :handshake:
It’s good to hear from you, @Willka. As we need some particular information about your integration, please send an email to (this will always get to the Developer Support Team), and we’ll continue our conversation there (you’ll see my replies in your email’s inbox).

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