Question on access token request from SmartThings schema backend on Asia region


I’m currently using a SmartThings Schema connector with AWS Lambda.
Recently(starting from a week ago), I’ve received a number of account linking errors notification email for my published cloud connector app, in the condition that:

  1. I’ve never received those kinds of email before(at least one year), and
  2. I did not change any logic related to OAuth integrations procedure in my end

After checking the request log on my side, it seems that SmartThings schema backend on Asia region(ap-northeast-1) send access token request twice to my end with:

  1. different source ip address, and
  2. identical code value

(Sorry that I couldn’t share an example of a series of two requests, as there might include sensitive information, e.g., SmartThings backend ip address, code value to exchange, my client id, etc)

I doubt that second request may failed, as the code in the second request may already used in the first request.
(Or of course, second request may succeed sometimes, if a series of two requests comes in very quickly: second request comes in before processing the first request)

Does anyone experiencing a similar problem above?
If this is the real problem on SmartThings’s side, how could I solve this problem?

I want to answer account linking errors notification email after I could identify and resolve the root cause of this problem.

Thank you

Hi @blue9519, I’m Ivan from the Developer Support Team, thanks for contacting us.
In order to investigate your issue, you can send us the information (logs, context, any other extra information that may help to check the issue) through email here

Thank you for your response.
I will share corresponding information by email soon.