Authentication Code

Where do I find the authentication code for two factor authentication? I tried the register browser codes and none of them work. I can log into my dashboard, just not the webcore community page.

Makes it more secure than some of our banking institutions’ online non-business accounts :rage:

Thanks Robin and Elf! Sorry for the foul up.


I too can’t log in. It’s asking me for two factor and I can’t remmeber when I enabled this. Any help?!

Hi @anon36505037, can you please reset my 2FA as well? I’ve reseted my phone and lost the 2FA configuration… now I can’t find any documentation to help me configuring it again.

Anyway considering the purpose and the security risk (lack of :slight_smile: ) the better is really disable the 2FA.

Thank you in advance.

@anon36505037, please reset my 2FA, new phone number and can’t seem to make the switch even with the old phone still around.

@mreineck, this thread is for the webCoRE community forum; do you have an account there?

I’ve tried logging in to the WebCoRE forum to get help but it is now asking for 2FA. I never set that up (I don’t believe). Since I can’t log in to the forum I can’t ask for help. Does anyone know how I reach someone there to get help on getting back into my account?

Posted a request for you…