Authentication Code

(Antwan) #1

Where do I find the authentication code for two factor authentication? I tried the register browser codes and none of them work. I can log into my dashboard, just not the webcore community page.

(jkp) #2

Tagging @RobinWinbourne @eibyer

(Robin) #3

I already replied to a PM @antwanmarshall sent to me.

He was literally the only user on the whole of the of the webcore forum with 2FA activated, I didn’t even know it was an option till I saw the PM.

I disabled 2FA… not needed for a simple forum.

(Robin) #4

Oh, and dashboard (webCoRE smartapp) and forum logins are completely separate from each other.


Makes it more secure than some of our banking institutions’ online non-business accounts :rage:

(Robin) #6

You forgot SmartThings haha

(Antwan) #7

Thanks Robin and Elf! Sorry for the foul up.

(MR) #8

I too can’t log in. It’s asking me for two factor and I can’t remmeber when I enabled this. Any help?!

(Robin) #9

Try again now, I’ve reset your 2FA