Authentication Code

Where do I find the authentication code for two factor authentication? I tried the register browser codes and none of them work. I can log into my dashboard, just not the webcore community page.

Makes it more secure than some of our banking institutions’ online non-business accounts :rage:

Thanks Robin and Elf! Sorry for the foul up.


I too can’t log in. It’s asking me for two factor and I can’t remmeber when I enabled this. Any help?!

Hi @anon36505037, can you please reset my 2FA as well? I’ve reseted my phone and lost the 2FA configuration… now I can’t find any documentation to help me configuring it again.

Anyway considering the purpose and the security risk (lack of :slight_smile: ) the better is really disable the 2FA.

Thank you in advance.

@anon36505037, please reset my 2FA, new phone number and can’t seem to make the switch even with the old phone still around.

@mreineck, this thread is for the webCoRE community forum; do you have an account there?

I’ve tried logging in to the WebCoRE forum to get help but it is now asking for 2FA. I never set that up (I don’t believe). Since I can’t log in to the forum I can’t ask for help. Does anyone know how I reach someone there to get help on getting back into my account?

Posted a request for you…

I am having exactly the same problem over on the Webcore community forum, I can log into the ST forum (here) but I cannot log into the Webcore community forum as it is asking for 2-factor authentication and I never set it up. Can some help or post a topic for me on the Webcire community forum just ask “jkp” did above for another user that was having exactly the same problem.

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Please send an email to me at from the same email address associated with your account on the webCoRE Community. Once your ownership of the account is confirmed the 2FA will be disabled.