Access (Old) Webcore Automations?

I’m full of questions recently! Been sorta cruising with smart home, but in the past couple weeks got bugged at the increasing fails and dove back in. And now (as I posted elsewhere) almost all my automations are functioning.

But there are a few that I created in Webcore that I don’t remember how to do. So I’d love to get back into the Webcore, to see how I built those things. But with the old app not opening anymore, I cannot get the authentication code.

Has anyone been able to access their old Webcore automations? If so, how?

You may want to post on the Webcore or Hubitat Community forums as Webcore is now part of Hubitat

But unless you save a backup of your data… I doubt you will be sucessful.


Thanks. I posted on the Webcore forum… and then I remembered how to do what needs to be done. I still hope to obtain access though. Might be other calculations etc that have bearing elsewhere.