Australia - Tired of waiting

(Joel) #81

hey Sumit - have you gotten z wave au freq working with smartthingsat all?

I’d love to use these little babys :


still waiting for Smartthings in 2018…

(Luc Perreau) #83

I am going to buy the Amazon Echo Plus and focus on ZigBee devices instead
for now.

(Sumit) #84

Hi Joel, I haven’t had much time to put into my home automation over the last few months unfortunately.

However I have shifted onto using Home Assistant as my primary home automation device, rather than smartthings.

I have set up Smartthings > MQTT > Home Assistant working well, and it communicates both ways. Say I turn on a light with Smartthings, it turns on the light, and shows that the light is on Home Assistant. If I turn it on using Home Assistant, it turns on the light, and shows that the light is on via Smartthings.

I have a sim switch in Smartthings as a starting point to trial AU Z-wave from Aeotec Z-Wave USB Z-Stick connected to my Home Assistant updating smartthings. However that project has stalled a bit,

(Kevin [Yorkshire UK]) #85

Using the incorrect ZWave frequency for your country is not only illegal but also pollutes the radio spectrum for devices on that frequency. Please if you do import then disable the ZWave functionality (if you can).

Also US ZWave devices are likely to not be safety/compliance approved for your country and should there be say a fire issue attributable to one of these devices then you insurance could create issues.

Just as an aside if you are adventurous and ask nicely the Hubitat hub is available to Australia I believe … and in that you can plug in an Aus Aeon ZStick+ So you’ll have both ZIgBee and ZWave working on the correct local frequencies.


(Vincent Villatte) #86

@Luc_Perreau, I have found the perfect solution using Jeedom and an Aeotec ZStick+ as suggested by @xAPPO. You can get the ZStick+ from a few suppliers in Australia - everything is legal the frequency of the stick sold in Oz is 921 MHz. Aeotec has a good suite of products also available in Oz, all compatible and work OOTB.
I recommend contacting the guys at Life Automation :

(Max Tay) #87

Should try out this SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY ZigBee Motion and Temperature Sensor

I got several working out fine with my SmartThings hub.

(Max Tay) #88

Yes, it works but with a slight delay.

(Howard Roark) #89

As menitoned above, there are limitations on what HVAC systems can be directly connected to a smart controller, such as Zen (their website acutally lists every major brand as not compatible and ‘other’ as might be compatible!!); the key is that they are low voltage, eg. 24V, not mains powered.

To sidestep the problem, you can now connect an HVAC system to your Nest / Zen Thermostat / etc – check with this US/UK company that has the equipment to do just that, and avoids going via any of the (primitive UI, restrictive OEM) proprietary interfaces or custom coding direct to your smart control hub:

Regards the installation of Zen Thermostat with a low voltage system, technically changing a light bulb or tap washer is a registered tradespersons’ job, but it is possible to do with a little care, just follow the step by step guide on their site:

Using the ZWave frequency is illegal in Australia, and since January 1, 2015 liable to $5000 fines, so probably best to disable that function.

(Max Tay) #90

There are plenty of zigbee devices that work, even if you turned off thre z-wave on the Hub. Almost all light bulbs work on zigbee.


Problem is, every reboot, the z-wave radio turns on again.

(Jimmy) #92

Looks like you may get some love soon

(Luc Perreau) #93

Yay! Thanks for sharing the info…they’re a bit late though…Google Home is practically a hub now right? :confused:

(Jimmy) #94

Not really. It doesn’t manage any low power mesh networks designed for IoT.

(Paul) #95

Promising! But why the WiFi hub?? :frowning: I already have a perfectly good wifi mesh network… they’re going to get lower adoption than if they just launched the v3 hub - which this isn’t, right?

(Jimmy) #96

The WiFi hub seems to be what they’re use to partner with other providers. At least that’s what they’re using with Vodafone and Singtel.

(Joel) #97

thanks for sharing that link interesting. i have google wifi and LOVE it so this is annoying… i’d only get this if it was affordable and you can disable wifi

(Brad) #98

SmartThings is now available in Australia through RACV for some neighborhoods:

(Paul) #99

Finally :slight_smile:

Is it possible to run the WiFi hub as just an ST hub? I don’t need a new mesh Wi-Fi system, I have a perfectly good one already. Can you set it up and then turn off wifi, DHCP etc? Or perhaps put it on a different subnet?

(Luc Perreau) #100

Finally!!! Thanks guys…its been a long thread but we are finally there :blush: