Australia - Tired of waiting

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No problems. I like Smartthings a lot. Any problems I have had they have sorted overnight, not that they have been very serious. You should be aware that any switches such as Belkin or Itead touch require active and neutral power at the switch which is not the way most Australian homes are wired. You could use an Itead Slampher where you remove the globe, plug in Slampher and plug the globe into it. Like other Itead devices they need to be reprogrammed first. Good luck.


Be aware that a LOT of people have problems with Wemo stuff. Reliability isn’t its strong suit. Check out before you buy. There’s basically no support either. And Wemo gear seems to get discontinued at the drop of a hat

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US Z-wave uses 908.4 and 916 Mhz. Only the latter is allowed to be used in Australia, the former is considered part of the ‘900’ band for 3G/4G owned by Telstra. Are you saying you’ve found a way to use just 916Mhz, or are you not worried about using the other frequency here?

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Besides the fact it’s “illegal” to use the Z wave frequency in Australia what’s the actual implications. Does it in anyway cause issues with anything in my house or my Telstra mobile reception? Or will it simply not work for whatever reason


Would also like to know the same.

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So I’ve just come back from the US and brought a stack of SmartThings devices. It’s all setup, it’s causing zero issue with anything else inside my house including my Telstra Mobile phone so I’m not sure why everyone keeps going on how it’s illegal in Australia. Someone show me one person that’s ever been charged with having the wrong smart hub frequency at home. It’s not like your setting up a massive base station at the base of a tower. The frequency barely reaches outside my house. Never heard a bigger bunch of wingers about the legality of something with zero ability for anyone to enforce it. God forbid you download this years Game of Thrones - that’s illegal too.

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Hi David Im new to home automation and I’m interested in what you’ve been doing with your setup as I live in Geelong and face the same hurdles that you seem to have overcome. Do you have anthing for dimming lights or know if thats possable using a US ST with the Zwave turned off?


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Hi aaricck, Im new to home automation and I’m
interested in what you’ve been doing with your setup as I live in
Geelong and face the same hurdles that you seem to have overcome. Do you
have anthing for dimming lights or know if thats possable using a US ST
with the Zwave turned off?

I’ve also reached out to dmonte03 as he is melbourne based and having similar success to yourslef



Hey mate…sorry haven’t checked the forum in awhile. Can you explain what you are after with dimming lights? Could you change the bulbs at all? Philips hue works a treat. Much more reliable than the wemo bulb. But if you’re after direct dinner control like the aeontec zwave micro dimmer, I don’t have anything like that hooked up at the moment. I could suggest a very convoluted method if you’re up for it?


The US Z-wave frequency is the frequency allocated to Vodafone point to point Towers in Australia. So I very much doubt that you are interfering with Vodafone towers and even if you were right next to one I would imagine their signal would swamp yours. That said it is still naughty to turn on the Z-wave. But really who will ever care or even know? Maybe only turn it off if you see a suspicious black van parked outside your place. ;o)

The range and cheapness of US z-wave products is far better than anything offered in Au.


Zigbee light dimmers work. This place in Melbourne sells them (C-Tick approved) - they also have an ebay shop. You have to do a spot of coding yourself to get them going with the ST Hub if you dont want to use their bridge/hub.

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Have you bought from them netsheriff? Their website seems like a work in progress.

I have zwave turned off on my US Smartthings. However I also have a PI with a MQTT broker, Home Assistant, Aeotec Z-Wave USB Z-Stick, and the MQTT bridge to ST. It’s still a work in progress, but I should be able to achieve my end game of ST controlling my Aus Z-Wave items.


Yeah, off their ebay site. I got a 3gang (zigbee) switch to play with. I have made a SmartApp and Device Handler for it as it came up as unknown thing when paired - still a work in progress. Works ok in the ST Hub but still having trouble getting the Echo to turn on and off all the switches

Another person got one of their light controllers and that works with ST Hub using the std Zigbee switch template with slight mods.

I was thinking something similar with a USB stick but have not got that far yet.

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Hi Netsheriff,

I am planning to give their light switch a go, Whats your experience/feedback with them? Or any other AUS standard switches that i can use with STH?

And where can i get info about the coding required to use it without their bridge?


I put some DTH and smart app here.

It is a work in progress - works fine but the switch itself does not update the smartthings when you manually turn them on or off. Ie if only use the phone app you will not have a problem. But say you turn off the switch with the app and then manually turn it on, on the wall plate, the ST will still think it is off. If you now want to turn it off with the app you will have to turn it on with the app (even though it is on) and then off to get it to go off with the app. Not a huge problem, but a hiccup non-the-less.

This is only a problem with 2 and 3 gang switches - due to ST poor handling of multi endpoint zigbee devices. The single gang works fine.

Will see if I can fix this over the Chrissy-NY break.

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Thanks netsheriff.

I was planning to try their 3gang switch and the dimmer switch. They have a showroom in Melbourne it seems, i might drop in and have a look.

Do you know of anything i can use with a garage door motor? i found a couple of products but they are AUS standard Zwave products and i assume they wont work with SMH zwaves (US spec)?


I am trying to download the SmartThings hub app on my Samsung in Perth. Keep getting message “Your device is not compatible with this device”.
Any tips as to how to get around this??
A friend has sent me my hub from the US.
Appreciate any help.


Change your screen resolution.

This same thing has been reported by a few people in the last couple of months and I found this buried in a community forum and this simple change to their Samsung fixed it.


Thanks for the help. I followed your suggestion and it has sorted out my probs. Cheers.


Glad to hear it.

Do me a favor and mark my post as a solution so others who come across it can see that this may solve their issue as well.

Welcome to the world of ST.