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Australia Samsung connect

(Joel) #21

it would be newly purchased as according to this page, the racv smartthings version hub has z wave… which would need to be our frequency i’m guessing.

early 2019 for self install…

(Joel) #22

Just spoke to racv smartthings department. They have no idea what’s going on. On their FAQ it says smartthings works with Alexa. The skill is not released for English au.

(Jimmy) #23

:joy: every part of Samsung’s roll out of SmartThings products seems to be a disaster.

(Brendan White) #24

Samsung was originally not committed to Australia so the role out here has been hit and miss, and poorly communicated.

The RACV offering is 100% confirmed as being on Australian Z-Wave frequency and it is part of the Samsung Wi-Fi Mesh system, not a standalone SmartThings hub.

The release of the Alexa Skill is up to the developer however. Amazon have been advised, but their hands are tied until the Developer authorises it for use here.

Don’t buy SmartThings in Australia if you desperately need Amazon Alexa integration (as of this time).

It will come eventually, but at this stage it does not work.

That said, there are plenty of reasons to still purchase SmartThings. The fact you can use one hub to integrate virtually all of your smart devices is a compelling one. No more separate Hue bridge or whatever other hub you use for your specific lights or sensors.

If you want integration, you can link SmartThings to something like Home Assistant, OpenHab or something similar (it is a little technical though) and then those third party programs can integrate with Alexa and Google. Some of the third party apps are open source. This is not a general plug and play type solution though like a proper skill would be.

(Joel) #25

Wonder if you can buy the mesh system ( one unit) and disable wifi and Just use smart things functionality

(Brendan) #26

Even if you can’t disable the WiFi you could just leave it and use another WiFi AP on the same network with a different SSID and not use the Samsung WiFi.
I should imagine, being Samsung, there is a way to disable it, though it is likely not easy to do.

(Richard Laxton) #27

A couple of clarifications.

  1. I am pretty sure that Hue bulbs still need a Hue hub. This is why I bought Lifx wifi bulbs instead.
  2. Google Home/Assistant integration works with the RACV-supplied SmartThings Wifi device. You just link the accounts in the cloud and then do a sync and you can control everything attached to your hub. I am using it for my Christmas lights and pool pump (all attached via Z-Wave to my SmartThings Wifi).

I don’t use Alexa so not sure about that part of what you said.

(Brendan) #28

Smartthings has Zigbee in it. Hue can connect directly to Smartthings Hubs without the need of the hue bridge if wanting to do it that way.
I haven’t tried the RACV offering, which is Samsung Connect rather than the actual Smartthings Hub, but I believe it has the same ZigBee radio in it.

The WiFi for LifeFX and the like can be any AP on the same network :slight_smile:
I keep all my home automation stuff on its own network SSID separate from my data connections for PC’s.

The Alexa skill still is not released in Australia for Smartthings just yet.
Google Assistant works fine.

(Jimmy) #29

It’s still recommended to use the Hue bridge. The bridge has some features you can’t do with SmartThings and makes it easier to reset bulbs. Also, the RACV Kit is not Samsung Connect Home. It is SmartThings WiFi. Samsung Connect Home was retired when SmartThings WiFi came out. They are similar, but SmartThings WiFi uses Plume to manage the WiFi network.