Another new SmartThings Cloud Shard? AP02-APNorthEast2

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I just starting working with an ActionTiles Customer trying to diagnose a problem with our OAuth / ActionTiles (Connect) SmartApp installation flow.

Looking at his diagnostics, I discovered the IDE page for his Location (i.e., his graph-api page) which indicates his SmartThings Cloud Shard is

I’m pretty sure the issue being encountered the Customer is due to this new variable in the mix … i.e., a new Shard, though, if there had been an Announcement of this to the Community, I could be more certain. :confused:

  • Did I miss an Announcement of Shard AP02?
  • I presume this stands for “Asia Pacific” - The Customer is in Australia. The previous AP01 was deployed for Singapore, I think; but I thought it was decommissioned.
  • A search of the Forum for “AP02” does not yield any results.
  • Is anybody else encountering a problem that might be related to AP02 (particularly for published SmartApps like @joshua_lyon or @obycode)?


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Would say your assumption is likely correct. Here are all the AWS data center locations:

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I don’t have any reports yet.