Aurora Some reporting on and off constantly (Nov 2023)

Hi all,

I started talking about this elsewhere, but narrowed it down to a specific issue.

My Aurora Aone dimmer switches on and off all day when paired to Smart things.

You said “when paired to Smartthings”: what happens when it’s not paired to smartthings? If you just operate it as a manual switch, does it still switch on and off?

When it’s not paired it operates as normal, turns on or off only when I press the button or then the dimmer.

I also used to have it paired to hubitat and there was no issues with it turning itself on.

Very frustrating. :rage: You’ll probably need to open an official support ticket. The first person you get is likely just to be a general Samsung employee working from a script and may not know much about smartthings. But persevere, and your ticket should eventually get escalated to a smartthings engineer who can look into it.

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Thanks, yeh it’s crazy I just thought we kept forgetting to turn the light off, but then eventually checked the logs.

I’ve done normal things, unpaired and repaired, cycled the hub etc…
Thanks didn’t know about the ticket system

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