Aurora AOne MProZX Pairing woes *solution inside*

Hi, I’m having trouble with pairing my Aurora MProZX Downlights, due to some confusion I originally installed them along side the Aurora Rotary Dimmer which was a mistake as the smart dimmer only controls dumb lights (aparantly a compatible one is being released in a few months), everything paired fine to begin with but as I struggled to get everything working as it should I removed the devices from Smartthings.

Realising my mistake with the dimmer I installed a standard switch and the lights function fine, but are no longer discoverable on Smartthings. I’ve looked through all the documentation but cannot find a way to set to lights to pairing mode with the one exception of a note to refer to the Aone app for details, but the app is useless useless you have a Gooee hub.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


To set the lamps to pairing mode:

Turn the circuit of lights off/on 6 consecutive times.
After a few seconds the lights will flash to confirm pairing mode.

Why this cannot just be printed on to the documentation or even on the support section of the website is beyond me :confused: