Now that Smartthings supports Harmony and Harmony supports the August lock (Using August Connect):

I was wondering if there was a way to lock and unlock the August through Smartthings/Harmon/August integration… Anyone have all these products to give it a try???

It’s been discussed. And apparently the problem is that Harmony has a rule that no remote operations can be used for activities that include locks. And it looks like smartthings is viewed as a remote operation (as also is IFTTT).

So you can set up the harmony activity that includes an August lock. But you can’t have smartthings trigger that activity.

If you have all the pieces go ahead and try it and let us know if you see anything different.

Just saw the discussion.

Smartthings issue with the api is that it does not show the current status of the lock but the ability to just send the lock or unlock command would be huge compared to not being able to to anything at all… Harmony hub and Yonomi and currently doing this. A small win is better than no win…

In IFTTT I can use an August condition to execute a ST action but not vice-verse. I’m I missing something?

Answered my question, appears there are only IFTTT triggers for August. Anyone know if this will change?