August Smart Lock (3rd Generation): Z-Wave Remote Access Issue


I couldn’t find this posted and thought I would in case someone comes across this issue since I can’t find this on this forum. I recently purchased an August Smart Lock (3rd Generation) without the “August Connect” on Amazon (I’m just getting into Smart Home technology).

I was able to setup the Z-Wave functionality with the SmartThings hub without a problem and can access the lock remotely through the “iOS SmartThings” application. What I noticed was the native “iOS August” application cannot access the lock remotely with Z-Wave enabled.

After talking to August Support (due to lack of any documentation on this), and working with a few different support reps, their native iOS app cannot be used with Z-Wave to access the lock remotely. There was no real explanation as to why and if it would be implemented in the future.

The interesting thing is that if I enable “Homekit (Apple)”, I can use their “iOS August” application remotely and it works fine.

Heads up on this limitation in case anyone else comes across this (August doesn’t note this in their SmartThings setup documentation either). I hope August will eventually add remote access functionality within their own iOS app if you’re connected via Z-Wave through SmartThings.

yeah, they have documented on their site you can’t use the August app to control the lock remotely unless you have the Connect. But with it hooked into SmartThings, i don’t think there is much benefit. I rarely use the August app.

I have the august connect, but it was pretty flakey accessing the lock through the August app so I disconnected it… but I have no problems locking/unlocking remotely through smartthings. I only use the app to give other people guess access.