Audible Alerts

(Mweston) #1

Not sure if it has been considered but I haven’t seen much mention on speaker systems. I know a lot of people would like to use Smartthings for home security and having something that audibly sounds an alarm or says “Front door open” or “back yard motion” seems very useful. Having an alarm system text a phone that is dead or on silent is not going to be very useful.

Maybe even one device that is weatherproof with a high DB sound to sound an alarm outside as a traditional security system would if not deactivated.

(Chrisb) #2

Not a bad idea.  I’d mentioned similar functionality in a connected alarm clock (this is, at certain times if a window is opened or a door is opened when it shouldn’t be), but that would just be an alarm, not a voice message.  I like that idea.

(Zach) #3

I like the idea of an audible alarm, and the voice telling what alarm is going off is even better. Sometimes, I do not hear my phone’s text messages while in deep sleep, but an alarm, and maybe a flashing light would definitely wake me up if there was a problem. This would also be helpful in areas prone to floods, with a moisture detectors in the basement.

(Formix) #4

Hmm.  I also got in on the Ubi, I wonder if they could connect and the Ubi could offer these sorts of alerts back?