Attention Community Devs who are on webCoRE forum!

Hey community developers, if you are currently registered, or register an account on the new webCoRE community forums, we would like to recognize you as an important part of the community, as your effots here translate into usability in the webCoRE smartapp.

As such, on the webCoRE community forum, we have created a profile response field for ST community devs, as well as a developer badge and title.

If you are already registered on the webCoRE community, or once you register, message myself @cozdabuch or @anon36505037 here with a link to any “release” post for your DTH/SA (or a message there if your account is verified already) and we will be happy to award this badge.

Again, this badge and title are available to all developers of Device handlers and Smartapps.

Additionally, while the webCoRE community forums are officially unaffiliated with ST, it was created to serve as a complimentary discussion forum for things related to webCoRE. Thus, we opted to maintain username priority to anyone’s username registered here on ST community if you would like the same name.
If you register and find your username taken already, message myself @cozdabuch or @anon36505037 here on the ST community and we will reassign your new webCoRE account to match your username here.


Multiple devs have been verified so far on WC forum.
We have a locked developer category for collaborative efforts between community devs and WebCoRE for troubleshooting and collaboration on additional integrations.
Come join the board, and we will verify you into the Community Devs category!