At what battery level did your contact/s start losing its sanity?


I don’t know if it’s something related to the stuff going on with ST lately but 2 of my original multi contacts with original batteries have been stuck on open (not on same day) and resolved itself. Maybe it’s the battery level?

(Ray) #2

All my ST multi were opened by ST last couple of days. Don’t think they are related to batt level since most of mine are above 35%.


I really hope that in the next version of the app that you can toggle all of our “Things” at once to quickly view Battery level or open/close state rather than going into each “Thing” to check on each capability. Most of my batteries are at 50% and I think at 35% I may start changing the batteries unless they continue to run reliably past that point…?


@Kooltaco check out SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

This will give you the all in one view you’re looking for, create one separate for the battery levels.


Thanks, I am probly the only one not using this yet… There have been so many updates to that app that I have been waiting and watching others before leaping in :blush:

(Ray) #6

You won’t regret. Been using ActiON since day one and it’s Faster and way more reliable. Don’t wait!