Incorrect Battery Status

I have a number of sensors that regularly show a battery level of 1%. When I refresh the device, the battery status will change, sometimes going to 20 or 30%. Given the cost of some of the batteries used by ST sensors, I don’t want to prematurely replace good batteries.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If so, which battery level is correct, the 1% or the one that shows the battery is still usable? I don’t own a tester that will show me the actually charge.

Thanks for any info anyone can provide.

battery voltage twitches around internally, with temperature, load, and/or minor internal manufacturing flaws. IMO it’s normal and not incorrect. The device type or battery monitor may hide these changes, or not.

I tend to wait until the device reads 1% for the first time. It may return to 33% but that is my cue to replace the battery, which otherwise the device may go dead and I’d never get a reminder from that device.

What sucks is when the ST gen2 multisensor reports 77% and then goes dead.