Arrival and Intrusion Alarm Occur Simaltaneously

I’ve my Smart Home Monitor set to disarm with my arrival (I’m Back Routine), based upon my Iphone as a presence sensor. Depending upon the sequencing of events, if my MyQ garage doors opens before the alarm has been disarmed, an alarm condition is set and the alarm events are actuated; lights, siren et cetera. Is there a way to put a step into the logic so that my arrival occurs first and the alarm is disarmed?

You may be able to build a rule yourself using the RULE Machine.

SmartThings commands get sent to the cloud and operate on a “set & forget” principle. IOW, they don’t necessarily execute in the order sent. I believe you need to rethink your Routine configuration. For example, you could have your Routine disarm SHM based on presence, and then add a separate smartapp that triggers upon the state change of SHM to send a command to open the garage door. I believe the Trigger Happy app will do what you want.

Thank you for your comments. I’ve just started looking at both Rule Machine and Trigger Happy to understand there capabilities.