ADT ST hub and door lock

Hello- I’m looking to purchase the ADT smart things hub and use both the alarm and home automation. My question is, will one of the connected smart door locks disarm the adt alarm. I have a back door not near the hub and would like the smart lock to disarm the adt.

Officially, no… Unless there is new functionality that I am not aware of.

SmartThings & ADT have not published specifications for 3rd parties like @RBoy to integrate…

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Does anyone know if there is a secondary way to disarm the alarm, apart from the ADT hub and the adt remote.

You can disarm using the ADT dashboard module in the SmartThings Classic App … right?

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If you have access to RBoy Apps you can use the User Management app to arm and disarm your ST ADT system directly with your lock.

The Smart App ADT Tools has a few tools to expand the ADT/smartthings integration ability. It doesn’t have direct lock integration, but It has a few things that are possible. It would atleast be woth looking at to see if it would be helpfull. With ADT tools i currently have my alarm arm and disarm with geofencing.

ADT Tools on Things that are

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It can be done via webCoRE so you could create an automation that toggles the alarm status based on that lock.


Y’all are using an unofficial backdoor to control the ADT armed mode. I think this is appropriate only if this disclaimer is prominently noted:

  1. The ADT Mode change functions similar to WEBCORE. As such it is believed that ADT could at any point block the functionality. Until such a time occurs enjoy the app, but be aware.

Though, frankly, all SHM control from SmartApps is also via a non-published API…

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Yea it really stinks it is not using a published solutions. I wish it was different, hopefully they will just take the methodology and just implement it officially.

I just added new functionality to improve the ADT Panel integration with the Hub(SHM) alarm status on the hub.

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I didn’t see it mentioned here, but keep in mind, having the lock disable the alarm might add a security risk

I’d had a similar idea when I got my first lock. Wouldn’t it be great if unlocking my door disabled the alarm? Heck, it’d prevent a number of late night accidental triggers when I let the dog out to go potty and forgot the alarm is on.

But…any automations around your door unlocking adds security holes. If I steal your key or pick the lock (never assume a lock is pick-proof), then I’ve automatically bypassed two security layers, the lock and alarm.

Not exactly.

The disarming automation can be based on a specific code being input into a keypad lock. It doesn’t disarm upon a physical unlock (whether key, pick, or other forced method).

The keypad method is pretty secure as long as you are not observed entering the PIN.

that would only be possible if the lock can differentiate on the kinds of unlock events and send a different message to ST.

I haven’t seen one that can. An unlock is an unlock.

And still, you’ve taken a two-layer security system down to 1 and I can shoulder surf the key code. It reduces security.

Doesn’t mean it’s not handy or a good idea, but it is important that people realize it.

That’s very untrue, most Z-Wave locks differentiate between various types of unlock and lock events. It’s up to the DTH and SmartApps to process them.

This DTH [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung - #1190 by maddie differentiates between various types of unlock/lock events based on source (manual, keypad, rfid, bluetooth, remote, command etc)

This SmartApp [RELEASE] Lock User Management (LUM) - #1705 by maddie then takes actions based on those events.

So you can set the SmartApp to disable ADT/SHM only if it’s unlocked by a specific person using the lock keypad or, vice versa, arm SHM/ADT (only at night) when locked manually.

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Yep. It can be turned off from the dashboard app

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