Arlo unavailable to ST

(Richard Greenall) #21

likewise… same thing here.

(Dominick Barile) #22

Has anyone from smart things commented on what the exact issues are?

(Hunt) #23

Hi everyone me again, I can confirm its working for me, I checked this morning so go into Market Place / cameras / I chose Netgear Arlo Wire Free and it asked me to re-associate my cameras by putting in my username and password for Arlo. I did this and it found all my cameras by their name so I then clicked save. I then checked one of the cameras for streaming through ST and all looks good, my automation’s such as voice notifications when the camera sees someone is good, so far so good!

(Hunt) #24

Just another update, my automation’s power off some of the cameras in the day to save battery power, this wasn’t working before but now is, I also checked that this wasn’t a false positive action by checking it actually does switch them on and off by checking the Arlo app itself.

(Dominick Barile) #25

Does this mean everything is fixed? Is arlo & smartthings playing nice with each other?

(Mainak M) #26

Am facing this issue now and a Google search led me here. Arlo connect says can’t it can’t load the screen and all cameras and arlo siren is offline. Smartthings status page has no info about an outage. Anyone facing a similar issue?


Yes I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Cameras showing ‘unavailable’ in SmartThings but available in Arlo app.

When I go to the Arlo Connect SmartApp it says “Something’s Wrong - we can’t load your screen right now”

Glad you posted this - I was about to start removing and re-adding.

When did you notice this? Mine went down about 1 hour ago (7:30 pm EST)

(Chris H) #28

Yep, experienced that exact same turn of events here with my Arlo Q+

I just tried a ~25-minute hub power-down (incl battery removal), and that seems to have fixed it. Or something else happened during that time that fixed it from afar :slight_smile:

Now let’s see if it stays up!

ETA: Just noticed an Arlo app update just became available too (iOS) - not sure if that has anything to do with it, but the timing is rather suspect. Oh well. Still up & online here.

(Mainak M) #29

Noticed it a little over an hour ago. Strangely Arlo Connect app started working and showed my devices. Once I clicked on Save, without touching anything my devices came back online. Not sure what’s the issue, hoping it stays online now.


Mine came up as well about 40 minutes ago (around 8:50 pm EST). I did absolutely nothing so it was clearly something on the SmartThings / Arlo side.
I’m glad it wasn’t my cameras. Got them a week ago and they just had their first taste of Canadian winter today :slightly_smiling_face:. I thought they had succumbed to the weather already!

(Kevin) #31

I am having ST/Arlo integration issues that started about week ago…
-I am getting motion notifications from Arlos into ST app
-In Arlo app I can view / stream cameras, armed mode motion causes recordings into library as expected.
-If I put Arlo back into ST mode, I don’t get any recordings for SHM motion into Arlo library.
-In ST app, Arlo device screens will not stream video, says “there was a problem retrieving the livestream URL”
-In ST app I have a SHM custom rule to use my “arlo front door” motion sensor to capture video from a couple cameras… this is not working either.

Any ideas?

What are you all using in your Arlo’s SmartThings mode/rule settings these days?

(Mainak M) #32

I have Arlo set to Armed mode and only use ST to turn the camera on and off. I figured out for the ST mode in Arlo to record, the configuration in Arlo needs to be set to Record Video, but every few days the ST mode in Arlo resets to not record video. It looks like ST mode requires ST to send a record video command to Arlo.

(Greg) #33

I’m not having this issue.

My custom SHM rules with recordings are working.

I can’t comment on your other issues - but I can tell you what I’m doing differently. I don’t use ST mode in Arlo. I leave arlo in Armed mode 24/7 - if arlo motion triggers a video I get the video in the arlo library. If ST triggers (doorbell or other) trigger the video I get the video in ST and Arlo library.

I will put the arlos into disarmed mode occasionally using IFTTT and a virtual ST switch if I expect a lot of traffic where the cameras are placed.

(Matt) #34

So since Blink is a terrible company, and Arlo hasn’t gotten its crap together with ST integration:
Is there any solid solution?

I don’t count chinese IP cams (like foscam) that have crazy security vulnerabilities.

I’m ready to just buy more nest cameras at this point because it’s the only thing that works consistently.


I have had my Arlo Pro cams for 1 month now integrated with ST and everything seems to be working fine with the exception of the small outage I noticed for about 2 hours a few weeks ago (which resolved on its own).

I have found that if you stay away from the custom SmartThings mode (i.e. choose Armed mode) everything works fine. Cameras are turned off/on with ST routines and the settings stick.

What problems are you having specifically?

The SmartThings mode is completely broken and I have no idea why it’s in the state that it’s in. I’m sure Samsung and Netgear are pointing fingers at each other. They just wanted each other logos on the boxes and stepped away after that it seems.

(Matt) #36

I should specify the latest Arlo Pro 2’s are flaky. Sorry!

(Brian Harding) #37

I suppose the Arlo plus Smartthings integration is ether great or it sucks depending on how you use the cameras…In my case it is fantastic for my desired usage. I use the older Arlo HD cameras for indoor use so as to be able to change the batteries when needed. I use the Arlo Pro cameras outdoors aimed at my entrance doors and have them connected to the Arlo Solar Panels so I never have to get up on a ladder to change the batteries.
There is a two to three second delay in starting the recording when using the integration with ST but I have gotten around that by placing motion sensors a short distance from the cameras in the path where someone would normally walk and use these sensors to start the recordings earlier. Works great. All the cameras are turned on and off through the Routines and Custom rules. I get the videos in both ST (history) and Arlo apps I don’t allow any of them incur an intruder alert in SHM - I let all my other sensors do that and the outdoor cameras especially since in intrusion has not occurred yet when they start recording. To save battery life the cameras are usually off and are only turned on in the Away mode through the Goodbye Routine if I am going to be away and in the Home Armed Mode cameras in seldom occupied rooms are turned on through the Good Night Routine.

I have had a serious problem with US Mail, UPS, Fedex, etc. delivery drivers never ringing my doorbell or knocking on my door or saying that they tried to deliver a package when they never showed up at all. I set up a custom Mode and a Custom Routine to turn on the cameras when I am expecting a package. The motion sensors that were placed about ten feet away on either side of my front door will start the recording before they approach my front door. When they step on my porch another motion sensor placed above and just in front of my storm door and facing downwards will send me a notification and turn on my living room lamp.

I also purchased a wifi range extender and added an Arlo Pro base station to it so that I can get all the benefits of the Pro cameras.

If one is integrating the Arlo cameras with ST, ST will turn off some of the settings automatically in the Arlo app as ST is controlling those settings. For example: the cameras will be set to do nothing when motion is detected which is fine as ST is controlling this feature. Secondly, in Arlo’s ST mode one overlooked section in their rules is that each camera can be used to trigger only itself or groups of cameras.

When the Arlo Smart Lights come out in a couple of months, one should be able to integrate them to turn on and trigger other events if desired.

I am of the understanding that the new Arlo Pro 2 is not yet able to integrate with ST so I will hold off purchasing one until they do.

In conclusion, although expensive, the Arlo cameras and integration with ST are great for my purposes.