Arlo Smart Premier Notifications

Hi Everyone,

Just got a free month of Arlo Smart Premier and I’m trying to figure out how/if the smart features can be integrated into Smartthings.

I’ve a dog that loves to pee in bedrooms (she’s 15 years old). Rather than keep her caged I’d like to know when she wanders down the hallways that lead to her “hunting grounds”. Arlo Pro cameras cover all points of entry and should detect her heading that direction.

What I’d like to do is turn on the cameras while in Home mode but only notify be when a pet is shown on those cameras (so I can avoid cleaning up the mess). I’d use the Arlo app, but I’m using the Smartthings mode to sync with our family in/out schedule. Ideally I’d use big talker to announce this (Pet in the Hallway), but I’m not sure if they’ve released the actual notification type in the API.

Thanks in advance for any help you give.