Arlo Security Light?

Does anyone know if the new Arlo Security Light will work with Smartthings? I’m wanting to know if I can control the light directly from Smartthings and not be dependant on an Arlo camera…


Following this one. I would like to use them as outdoor motion sensors to trigger other lights, etc.

I have the Arlo Security Light 3 pack and so far don’t have a way to get them into Smartthings but I LOVE them for my back deck. The cross triggering works great.

So I went and purchased 2 of these. There is no direct integration at this moment but I am able to use IFTTT to do what I want. There is a 2-3 second delay due to having to cross platforms but overall, I really like these lights. I am hoping that Smartthings gets direct integration at some point because these are awesome.

love to see an integration for these lights/motion sensors


How did you get the Arlo Smart Lights added to SmartThings so they could be authorized with IFTTT?

There is no direct connection with these devices to Smartthings (at least not at the moment). When you setup your IFTTT connection, you can authorize the lights with that application and use it to be the go between for the Arlo and Smartthings devices. For example, I have a recipe that turns on/off my security lights in the back if my Smartthings patio light turns on/off. There is about a 2-3 second delay as it connects via the cloud.

Thanks. Just set it up with Google assistant and arming and disarming is almost immediate. I have a great view of the stars on a clear night and sometimes I just don’t want the light pollution.

just picked up 2 security lights on a deal from best buy and was happy to find that there is now integration to smartthings (looks like a fairly recent addition).

After adding the lights in the arlo app, go into the smartthings app and authorize the arlo connect smartapp for the device. it will create the device which acts as a motion sensor and light switch.

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thanks… been waiting to add our Arlo lights in ST for a while now… Glad to see them available… (does not show in app, but they show up once you authorize Arlo)