Light Switch delay when using Arlo Camera as motion sensor

I have setup an Arlo camera to work as a motion sensor for a light switch at night for my front porch. It appeared to work fine for the first few weeks and then I noticed the last couple of weeks more often than not there is around a 10 second delay from the time the camera is activated from when the light switch turns on. Usually according to Smartthings the times that the devices activate are at the same time however last night from the report it appears the light switch activated at 11:49 where the Camera didn’t activate until 11:50. Where the camera is suppose to activate first and there was a 10 second delay. It’s like they are reporting from two different clocks. I understand that the camera is working on the cloud but I wouldn’t think that would cause a delay on the switch. The camera does records like it is suppose to. I would like to send the video of the event but it does not appear to be an option.

This was tonight’s report. Still 10 second delay.
Fresh batteries in camera. Reset the Orlo hub. Not sure what else to try.


This exact situation is happening to me right now. Was working great for a month and now the delay is really killing my WAF. I just bought some Hue motion sensors and they’re working nearly instantaneously, so it’s not a smartthings delay problem. Must be Arlo-related.

And… I have the same issue. Based on my logs, once ST receives the motion event, it turns on the light immediately. It seems Arlo is taking close to 10s to report to ST for some reason…

I’m having the same issue. It seems to be an Arlo issue too. I have an Ecolink z-wave motion sensor that is almost instant. I have an Arlo pro hub with a USB stick for local storage. I tried a routine and smart lighting. I’ve rebooted everything. It’s very annoying.

Do we know how ST gets events from Arlo? Does it need to go to Arlo cloud before heading into ST?

Not sure about how it gets the info but the Arlo Camera starts recording ~10 sec before the switch turns on. I think I’m just going the route of trying an ecolink motion sensor. It does work almost instantly. I was just trying to save a few bucks and use what was already there.