Arlo Base Station unavailable in SmartThings

Not sure why my base station is showing up like this. Tried rebooting it and it’s still like this. Anyone have any ideas? The cameras are all working and the automations they’re assigned to are working as well.

Did you get yours sorted? Mine is the same and can’t connect new devices :frowning:

Maybe something with the Classic app? Mine reports fine in the new app.

Never got it sorted out, but I just noticed that for the last few days my Arlo camera hasn’t been recording videos when there’s motion like it usually does? Is this what you’re encountering too?

What kind of cameras are they and what do you use to trigger the recordings. SHM, Arlo Assistant, IFTTT, or Arlo cloud modes. There was a new firmware added to the Arlo base station earlier this month.

They are Arlo Pro cameras and I’m using a custom SHM to trigger the recordings. Anytime there’s motion on the porch camera, it’s supposed to record 30 seconds of video and send me a text. I’ve been getting the texts and the action looks like it’s being triggered in ST, but nothing shows up in my Arlo recordings. Any ideas?

Simply put many of us with arlo cameras that use a base station are having a similar problem. I have two Arlo Pro 2 cameras doing thr same thing. I use Arlo Assistant instead of SHM, but same situation. I have a ticket with Arlo and this is being reported by a bunch of folks.

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