Triggers for Arlo

Let me explain my situation real fast: I just moved and am running into an issue placing my Arlo Cameras. My prior setup was basically using an Arlo Camera pointed at the beginning of my walkway to trigger SmartThings to tell it and an Arlo Pro pointed at the Front Door to record. Wasn’t ideal wasting a camera in that way, but it worked.

My issue now is I no longer have a long walkway up to the front door, so even if I wanted to, I dont think I can get the same effect. I also know using the z wave motion sensors outside is a poor choice.

Im looking for suggestions as to what device or concept I can use to trigger the camera recording. I am equally concern with it triggering to late as I am to often. My current attempt seems to miss people if they are moving fast, ie it records after they leave OR is so sensitive every wind gust sets it off. TIA.