Arlo Pro Announced Today

The range of motion detection doesn’t really help me as I want to constrain the range but it react quicker. So, for example, I had them mounted on the front of our house. I dont want the motion detection range any wider as it’ll pick up traffic on the road, but when someone steps into our property I want it to start up faster to record it. The problem I had with the current Arlos is it would detect the motion but take so long to “boot” and start recording it would give me a clip of either the back of the person leaving my premises (having stolen whatever they wanted) or nothing as they’d long gone

@leedjones - I believe the lag problem was fixed with a firmware update. Mine are connected to ST and there is less tha 1 second delay when I step onto my porches.

Really? Impressive. When was that update? I returned mine about a month ago. At that point there was a 7-10 second delay which totally ruined them for me…

In many ways they were better than my 24/7 PoE CCTV system I replaced it with, but this lag was a killer.

@leedjones - I have only had mine about three weeks. When I set up my account a message popped up telling that my Hub software was out of date and recommended that I update it. When I purchased another camera and went to my Arlo account I got the message again. I updated again. I never noticed a lag and that is probably why. I know this was a serious issue with Arlo’s users. I believe that I read that the new Arlo Pro had also improved in this area. But do not run out and purchase them again just because I said so - LOL - with for the reviews as people start buying them in quantity.
As far as battery life, I am still experimenting. Below a certain light level the red motion sensor LEDs come on every time motion is detected. This will drain the batteries fairly quickly if the cameras are mounted in a high traffic area. I installed motion activated porch lights with a slightly better motion detector range than the cameras to come on before the camera detects motion and starts recording to help preserve battery life.

was there talk of local storage on the older arlo hub, or was that just wishful thinking fro us users?

what hub firmware did you update to? mine is latest, 1.8.1_9169 and i haven’t noticed any improvements

@ kevin - In the About section in my Arlo Account it shows:

Released 06/16/16

There is no local storage in the older hub.

@kevin - Hope you find these next two posts helpful

What do I need to know about Arlo camera firmware updates?
Arlo Wire-Free and Arlo Pro Wire-Free
A firmware update might start after you sync a camera to the base station. If a firmware update is in progress, the LED on the camera flashes alternating blue and amber. After this, the camera’s LED turns off for about one to two minutes while the camera installs the firmware. After the camera firmware update finishes, the camera syncs to the base station again and the LED flashes blue rapidly.

WARNING: Do not open the battery door while an Arlo camera is updating and installing firmware.

Base station firmware updates usually happen automatically, but if your base station is offline during an update or you are adding a device, you might need to update your base station’s firmware manually.

For more information about base station firmware updates, see How do I manually update my Arlo or Arlo Pro base station firmware?.

@kevin -

How do I manually update my Arlo or Arlo Pro base station firmware?
You might need to manually update your firmware if your Arlo system is offline during an update, if you are logging in as a new user, or if you are adding a new device to an existing account.
To manually update your Arlo base station firmware:
Launch the Arlo app or log in to your Arlo account at
Click or tap Settings > My Devices.
Click or tap your base station.
Click or tap Device Info > Firmware.

Note: If your firmware needs to be updated, Update is available displays above the firmware version.
Click or tap Update.

The firmware begins to download.

Note: Do not turn off your base station while the firmware update is in progress.
After the firmware is downloaded and installed, the base station reboots. When the base station reboots, the Power LED lights amber. After the firmware update is complete, the Power, Internet, and Camera LEDs light solid green.

It was for me too. Working with Arlo support for months, we concluded that it was mainly my 2.4ghz network at fault. In reality, the most time consuming is having to click on the push notification, then waiting to log in, then selecting the right camera, then waiting some more for the camera to connect. Was hoping that ST integration will speed up the process, which it did, at first and on the paper, but then ST started acting up by not offering the live stream while the clip was being generated. I count my losses with Arlo and moved entirely to Nest cams. I am 1000 x happier. When I click on the alert it takes me right into the live stream. The loading time is 100 times faster…

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Just saw this thread but it hasn’t been updated for about a month. I’ve used the Arlo Pro with SmartThings for about 10 days now, and here are some notes about the experience:

  • The cameras have anywhere from a 1-5 second stream delay for me, depending on how far from the base they are
  • The time between motion and recording is less than a second, usually around 150ms from what I can tell
    • I’ve caught birds flying past the camera with the Pro, which original Arlo owners almost never were able to do
  • The audio pickup is good, but the speaker on the camera is pretty quiet
    • The “Push-to-talk” feature on Android was bugged to be WAY too quiet when it first launched, it’s much better now, but still hard to hear if there’s a lot of noise outside and you are more than 5 feet away from the camera
  • The SmartThings app has NOT been updated to take into account the microphone and speaker on the new cameras
  • The SmartThings integration can be VERY frustrating to use with the cameras, as I get constant notifications from the Arlo app about motion unless the cameras are off
    • Setting the cameras as “off” isn’t ideal because then you can’t get a live stream from them when you want to check in on a room
    • The ideal state for the integration (for me) would be one that allows SmartThings to get video and motion/ sound from the camera, but still allow me to check the livestream when I want to
  • The base station records to a USB drive, which can be useful, especially if you’re not paying for a subscription from Netgear or SmartThings

Wow. That’s great. I sent my original Arlos back primarily because of the lag. Sounds like a great improvement.

Hi, With the integration of Arlo Pro set and Smarthings, When I click on the camera and click Live stream it keeps spinning and say connecting forever and I see only a black screen my iPhone. Is it working for you ?

Mine has been working well although sometimes it takes awhile. Has it ever worked? Maybe you have a connection problem. I recently changed my internet provider to get faster speeds and I haven’t checked in on the Arlos since then. I will try later today and let you know. For testing purposes, test the cameras in Arlo. If the cameras work, then you have a connection problem. If not then possibly the batteries are low.(?)

Hey Mike, it never worked before. The Arlo app is working very well though and it is fairly response which makes me believe that the issue is in the ST integration. Thoughts ? Is it maybe as it is Arlo pro versus Arlo ?

I had this problem when I initially set up my system and it turned out to be a range issue. Can you move the Arlo base station closer to the cameras for test purposes?

Is the Arlo point to point between the Arlo hub and the Arlo Camera or it
rides over normal wifi ? My hub connected to the Ethernet while my cameras
are distant

Arlo is point to point between the Arlo hub and the cameras. Smartthings only controls when the camera starts/stops recording video. The Arlo range between the hub and the cameras can be quite short depending what obstacles are between them. I have helped a couple of people with this problem and in both cases the problem was solved by moving the cameras and the Arlo hub closer together.
My suggestion, for test purposes is to temporarily move the cameras closer to the Arlo hub, work out all your problems then increase the distance between them until they quit working.
If range is the problem,moving the Arlo hub closer to the cameras is probably the easiest fix. If they don’t work close together then we can look at your settings.

Thanks Brian, will try that

Brian, I have the camera a feet away from the hub and the hub is connected
via Ethernet to the router and still have the issue from ST. Have no issue
from the Arlo App