Arlo pro 2 Camera “Motion then light on not working

Hi all, I’m new here and need help on an Arlo camera integration with SmartThings. I’ve had the cameras for a while and they are great. I just bought the ST hub to start expanding smart home capabilities. I’ve been able to connect ST to my Arlo account and the 3 cameras show up on my dashboard, etc. However, I cannot figure out how to set up them up where, if motion is detected on the camera, then Light On.
I have tried setting this up using custom Automations, Based on time of the day. and its not working.

Camera Sensor detection works on Arlo ios app but seems not working in Smartthings iOS app.

Appreciate any help!

Couple ways to do this, you can set a Custom Rule in SHM on the Camera motion to turn on the light, or you could use webCoRE to do it.

The easiest approach would probably be to use the smart lights smartapp.

Thank you !!

Thanks Tony